Text Box:        This is an E-Mail I received from Brooks & Bucky:
Thanks for asking. I should send a message out to the class as the surgery was announced at the reunion. Working with the computer is somewhat awkward right now. I can't sit up straight or lie on my side.
I am fine and progressing on somebody else's schedule. I want it over. Hip replacement is a "hard" surgery. I have had lots of surgery, but this is a tough one.
Joan George Corbin had her hip replaced the day before I did. I hear she is also doing well. 
Good to hear your eye is doing well. I was disappointed to hear that you had the set back for your sake, and also because I wanted to examine the depth of you Civil War expertise. I'll catch you when we are both better. 
      Please add Brooks and Bucky to your Prayer lists. Our Prayers go out for all who have required
     recent medical attention. Let me hear from you with special requests.      tonykeaton@hotmail.com
Text Box: TOM
     As many of you already know, Tom Brown has had a couple of colonoscopies 
     recently. When I learned that he had two within just a few weeks of each other
     that fact alone didn't sound good. Now Tom tells me he is scheduled for another
     one. Apparently the Doctors keep finding stuff that shouldn't be there. Saying all
     this leads me to request that you put Tom on your prayer list. Please remember 
     Tom and Ann in your prayers. Also Tom ask that you remember his law partner,
     Bill Haley, who is suffering from a serious blood disease. 
   "I love the Lord because He had heard my voice...therefore I will call upon Him as long as I live" Psalm 116:1,2
Prayer List

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Text Box:      
           It was great to see Mickey & Nina at the class reunion. Mickey is looking good considering
         what he has been through this past year. Please continue to keep Mickey & Nina in your 
         Prayers. Also Alethia's son Ben is scheduled for more surgery, or by now may have already
        had it. Keep Ben and Alethia in your Prayers. Also Joan George Corbin had recent surgery
        and should be remembered in your Prayers. I know there are more class members who 
        need special Prayer recognition. Actually, at our age all of us need Prayers from each other.
               Father in Heaven we pray for your continued Blessings on our Classmates, Families and Friends.
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                             Nina Acree sent this. Please Keep Mickey & Nina in your prayers.

Text Box:       Thanks to all of you who responded to the Prayer request for Morrison. The Power of Prayer
   could not be more evident than when we learned that all his tests turned out negative. 
   Thank you Lord for hearing our Prayers!